MDOLONHICKMON600x800Seattle Washington, March 18, 2014 – M Dolon Hickmon went on the air with Doug Bursch of AM 820, to discuss a research study published in volume 12(2) of the Journal of Religion, Disability & Health.

Written by Matthew S. Stanford PhD and Kandace R McAlister, the study is entitled “Perceptions of Serious Mental Illness in the Local Church”.  Participants were self-identified, mentally-ill Christians who responded to an online survey. Results included the following observations:

* 41% reported that someone at their church had suggested that they did not have a mental illness, even though a mental health professional had diagnosed them with one.

*28.2% reported that someone suggested that they stop taking psychiatric medication.

*36.5% reported that they had been told their mental illness was a result of personal sin.

*34.1% reported that they had been told that their mental illness was a result of demonic involvement.

During the second segment of the radio program (you can listen below) M Dolon Hickmon and host Doug Bursch examined the biological mechanisms of trauma to understand why counseling based on the sin and forgiveness model fails to give relief to many child abuse survivors.

(Please note that the audio has been edited for brevity)


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