“13:24 is a fantastic read.”

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Fiction though it may be, author M. Dolon Hickmon has absolutely captured the terror, the betrayal, the humiliation even of being abused by the very people a child should be able to intrinsically trust.”

“Love, hope, betrayal, murder – 13:24 has all the standard components of a great murder mystery, pulling you into several concurrent story lines as you puzzle out how all of the pieces will fit together in the end. And it does that oh, so well. But, as with all good books, 13:24 has a twist – and it’s that twist that truly pushes it over the edge into a fantastic read.

Josh is a heavy metal superstar. As the front man to popular band Rehoboam, he inspires adulation from scores of young fans for his intense and often deeply emotional lyrics. Fame and fortune aside, Josh is a deeply troubled young man, haunted by memories of a past that couldn’t be any more different from the life he lives now.

Chris…well, Chris is a serial killer, in the technical sense of the word. As the book begins, the young teenagers sets off on a killing spree that is chilling in its intensity. Chris is a motivated young man, and he is leaving a swath of death in his wake. Why? The media blames Rehoboam – it’s all that devil’s music the kid was listening to, spurring him to unforgivable actions….”

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