“excellent read, sensitively written by a survivor”

DeeReam – Booklikes

 as current events unfold and through flashbacks, which connect more and more of the dots and which will take you to places which are darker than you had ever imagined”

“I am generally an avid reader of crime and horror fiction.  All the better if they have firm basis in real life – “could this really happen?”.

I first picked up 13:24 as I had heard it being described as disturbing, its cover appealed to me and I was intrigued by the title itself, as I had no idea what it referred to.

I like to discover a book as I read it, and let it speak for itself, without it being marred by any preconceptions I might have due to someone else’s account of it.  As such, it took some time and a lot of guessing on my part before I came across the actual significance of 13:24, and as I delved deeper into the story I was slowly able to truly appreciate the full meaning of the tagline “A story of faith and obsession”.

I would strongly suggest to any reader to do the same.  The narration will explain everything….”

- Read the entire review of 13:24 – A Story of Faith and Obsession by M. Dolon Hickmon

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