Deacon Had Sexual Motive for Spanking Students

Reverend Alan Morris

Jailed: Pedophile spanking fetishist Alan Morris was the chief disciplinarian at an all-boys school for nearly two decades.

Deacon Had Sexual Motive for Spanking Students

Reverend Alan Morris, 64, kept a disturbing ‘bag of implements’ – including a leather strap, a cane and a wooden spoon – in his chemistry lab at an all-boys grammar school.

[This article originally appeared in The Freethinker.]

August 29, 2014 – By M Dolon Hickmon -The Manchester Evening News has reported that school teacher and church deacon Alan Morris has been jailed for nine years for  abusing ten boys over a 17 year period while working as a chemistry teacher at St Ambrose RC College in Altrincham. The court heard that the children were taken to a small room inside of Morris’s chemistry lab, where they were stripped, beaten and indecently assaulted. In some cases, students were also made to beat each other.

One of Morris’s victims was Scott Morgan, son of Manchester United football star Willie Morgan. Scott Morgan, now aged 43, waived his right to anonymity in order to share the full story of his abuse with the public. He said: “I was really quiet at school. That’s why he picked on me. He had his favorites, those he liked to punish. You just knew when it was your turn. It was horrible. You just knew it was coming. You just shut your eyes and waited for it.”

While victims bent over a stool awaiting their punishment, Morris would line up his implements of torture: canes, shoes, and a leather strap, as well as a homemade pink rubber paddle that Morris referred to as the Paddywhacker.

Scott Morgan was subject to repeated abuse over several years, beginning at the age of eleven. “You would go into his little room and sometimes it would be five minutes before he hit you. You could hear him going ‘hmmmmm’ as he chose the implement.”

Morgan also recalled instances of group beatings, in which Morris whipped as many as “nine or ten” naked children at the same time. Morgan said: “He would go around hitting everybody in turn. He made us all pull our pants down. He was getting a kick out of it. The longer he could drag it out the better. That’s how he spent his lunch-times and always in his little room.”

Other reports indicate that Alan Morris was permitted to function as the “chief policeman” of the school, with fellow teachers providing him a steady stream of victims to “punish”.

Morgan added: “All the teachers knew what Morris was like. They knew what was going on but would not go up against him because he was the deputy headmaster. We were all ruled by fear.”


Deputy Video Records Children’s Spankings For Millionaire Boyfriend

Robin Leigh PagoriaMay 26, 2011 – Polk County Florida – According to investigators, 45-year-old Robin Leigh Pagoria handcuffed a pair of naked children to a home-made spanking table, beat them with a paddle, inflicting “substantial” wounds, then sent videos of the incidents to her millionaire boyfriend, who she’d met on an online spanking fetish website called

Prior to her arrest on multiple abuse- and child-pornography related charges, Pagoria worked as a corrections officer in the Polk County jail. Interviewed about the case, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is reported to have said, “There aren’t words to describe my anger with her.”

According to arrest reports, Pagoria initially claimed she videotaped the sessions so she could “‘fine-tune’ her technique.” It was these observations, she said, that led her to cut the legs off one side of the table and to delay between blows for “maximum burn.” Officers later discovered videos on Pagoria’s cell phone. In them,  two female victims, aged ten and eighteen, were forced to strip and subjected to as many 62 blows apiece. The children could be heard screaming; the videos were each approximately ten minutes long.

Christopher LobbanPagoria later admitted to having a lifelong spanking fetish. Her boyfriend, Christopher Donald Lobban, 54, of Perth, Australia, was charged with six child sex and abuse charges related to Pagoria’s abuse. Police searched Lobban’s home on May 30, 2011 and recovered pictures, chat logs, and other evidence detailing his role. According to Pagoria and the victims, Christopher Lobban directed the beatings over the internet.

Pagoria plead guilty to abuse and pornography charges in 2013, and was sentenced to twenty-years. As of March 2014, Christopher Lobban remained behind bars in Australia, awaiting extradition. He faces up to life in prison.